reCycle with brAvery

rePLANET Recycling...over 400 center locations to serve you.
rePLANET Recycling...over 400 center locations to serve you.

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Avery’s courageous battle against 
a rare and inoperable brain condition earned her the nickname “brAvery,” and fuels her passion to make a difference in the world by improving 
the planet. Not all legacies can be measured, but this is one difference that we can count together... one bottle at a time. That’s why Avery created “Recycle With brAvery,” 
to empower children and encourage families to recycle bottles and cans and prove we can make a difference when we work together.

Wish it. Dream it. Do it.

Avery set goal 3/30/12 to reach 100,000 bottles & cans by Earth Day 2012 and the community surpassed it. Next stop, she set goals for 2013 & 2014. Now Avery has shown us that we "cAn" do it while she continues to defy all the odds medically. So she has set a new goal to reach 40,000 bottles & cans by Earth Day, April 22, 2015 and the tally is already over 5k just from the first week of collections! Recycling with brAvery is simple! And you have the power to do it & do it & do it! You can either process the recycling yourself with the follwing three steps or deliver your collection to Moorpark Fitness on April 8th or April 22nd. We also can arrange a pick-up if it is a large quantity. For self processing, just follow these three simple steps:


1. Collect California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers


2. Bring containers to a rePLANET Recycling Center. To find a location near you 
use “Location Finder” to right.


3. Please, write “brAVERY” 
on voucher ticket and it will be 
donated to Avery Sax.*


4. Mail voucher to:
 rePLANET, 150 Klug Circle
, Corona, CA 92880


*rePLANET will increase the value 
of your recycled materials by donating 
an additional 10% to The brAvery Fund. 


Please join Avery Sax & make a difference. Recycle with brAvery!