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"If you ever start feeling sorry for yourself, try visiting hospitals" -Nancy Reagan
"If you ever start feeling sorry for yourself, try visiting hospitals" -Nancy Reagan

brAvery is excited to recycle & re+cycle to make a difference! And now I am building with brAvery and creating designing a new structure and framework for giving. But we still need help just to live a "new normal" every day, too.


Mom told us it would be easier to move before my last brain angiogram. We would be closer to family & UCLA, but I want to stay in my town. The community has always been like family! So, for me, Mom refused to give up. We lost our car, house & medical insurance but we still had our community, the support, smiles, school, sports, friends. Mom even had open heart surgery last year, and the community was right there to help. Somehow everything always has worked out for us but last year was hard on my mom, and I think especially for my brothers. Mom was always the one to stress out & plan for everything because "you never know what might happen" but how could she have prepared for a kid with an illness with no cure?


I have a positive attitude NO MATTER WHAT, and this year we took a break moving to Del Mar to stay with my Uncle & his family. While we await a non-profit status for all our recycling & building goals, we have a temporary fund set up with the only local organization (501c3) in our hometown whose mission is to serve the Jewish community. The organization is equipped to manage & allocate ALL contributions to living expenses and providing the best care during this waiting game. Guess what? It isn't a very fun game, but I am still really happy. I hope you can help. Every little bit adds up, and I plan to pay it forward.

Chabad of Moorpark
*(Interim Emergency Fund)


Chabad of Moorpark is a 501c3. Our family is most appreciative of Chabad's immediate assistance in creating The Avery Sax Fund and allocating ALL donations to basic living expenses (rent, utilities, transportation) making certain we are able to provide the best environment and medical care possible during this waiting game.


Please visit click on "Donate" and be sure to note "Avery Sax" or "The brAvery Fund" for the Description. This is an account solely for Avery. If mailing a check, please pay to the order of "Chabad/The brAvery Fund" and mail to Chabad of Moorpark 11958 Honeybrook Moorpark, CA 93021


*Rabbi & Devorah Leah have established Chabad of Moorpark, dedicated to serving all Jews with an unconditional love and concern, regardless of background and affiliation.