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Avery Sax

Hi, if you read the HOME page, this pretty much shares the same information. My name is Avery Sax & I'm 14 years old. On March 12th 2011, I suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. After a lifeflight to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles and months of various treatments, I decided to go ahead with radiation at UCLA. Yes, I decided at age 10. It's amazing how quickly I matured and the things I learned and deep thinking and decisions I was dealing with. It's actually kind of funny considering I have such a serious problem with my brain but had all of these difficult concepts to think about. Anyway, I still have a really BIG inoperable arteriovenous malformation (AVM).


I feel incredibly blessed to have recovered so well from my brain hemorrhage, and the doctors continue to say that I am a miracle defying the odds. No one knows what the prognosis is and, medically, I guess it doesn't look too good. But I only had a 50% chance that first year, and I am already on my 4th anniversary! I don't make a big deal about my "new normal" because I just want to live my life and do whatever I can to show everyone that each of us is responsible for the energy we bring into the room no matter what. I have done everything I can to "show up" for life even though life isn't anything like it was before. We currently don't even have a house. Life isn't about what you have, but it's easier said than lived. My mom has had a really hard time working full-time since this happened and even had open heart surgery 2 yrs ago. We are still all happy and living life, but I know we need some help. My goal is to keep reaching out and getting people to recycle not only for the planet but to show everyone how each little act adds up to make a difference. I especially love to show kids that they are more powerful than they know, to have faith in themselves, to realize that they are the power that will make the future happen... good or bad... and the best thing is that kids are the best way to get to adults! I think adults need a lot of help these days with everything going on in the world so why not start with our own actions and the earth?


I really want to keep doing what I do and have the opportunity to do it. I don't have a smartphone or ipad or instagram account. I don't wear designer clothes and couldn't even go to camp this year. But I'm ok. I just want my family to be ok too. Thank for caring, reading and doing anything you can do. Believe with brAvery!



Avery (The Miracle Kid)