Tough Cookie!

First things first, Shana Tova!! I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy new year. For the days between Rosh Hashana (the head of the year) and Yom Kippur, we are supposed to think about a lot of stuff and we focus on being inscribed and sealed in the book of life.  So it was perfect today in history class when we did something really fun and cool that made me think about life a little different from before.


We are learning about archeologists and what they do. My teacher gave us chocolate chip cookies as our excavation site and two toothpicks for tools.  I had to find and dig out all of the chocolate chips (artifacts). Next I took all of the broken “artifacts” and put them back together to form a whole “artifact” and as far as the clean up for the “excavation site,” we got to eat it all!


The boy in front of me was allergic to everything so I almost got his cookie until the teacher said he breathed on it. I didn’t care but I started to think about people and the broken chocolate chips being put together and archeologists. It’s funny that I always say that I don’t know if I will be here tomorrow and people get inspired to appreciate life and be grateful and have a better attitude about how precious every day is, but I think the thing about life is the people.  Archeologists dig up things to find out about life but really put everything together looking for things about the way people lived.  My chocolate chips were the people and maybe the cookie was the life but its the chips that are so good even broken into crumbs (my mom just helped me on this part). My mom actually likes the cookie part better but agrees that the cookie is made around the chips. I guess what I am saying is that people are important.  People are amazing and when people say I inspire them to see that life and the earth  is precious and to not take life or the future for granted, I want everyone to know that it is the people who are precious and should not be taken for granted.


Taylor Swift has a song that says “It’s funny how when you’re gone people start listening.” We have the power to change that just like we are recycling 1 million cans and bottles. Listen with brAvery.


-Love, The Miracle Kid

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    Amy (Monday, 04 March 2013 02:13)

    You ROCK girl!! Keep on keeping on! You are an inspiration! :)