Princesses are Real!

My mom is late in posting this blog. I wrote it the night before my final recycle drive… I’m so excited. It is the eve of my big recycling event, and I can hardly wait. It will be so great to reach 100,000 cans and bottles. I always believed it was possible and now everyone else can too. It’s nice that everyone wants to help me and my family so much because it is getting people to recycle and because they want to help us, the cans and bottles are adding up even though most people don’t even think about making it to 100,000. But when we do get there and every one sees it then they will know that anything is possible and sometimes you just need some help to believe. That is what this is all about because I want everyone to know that no matter how old you are that you can make a difference not just for me but the world. You are that powerful and it makes a bigger difference if we work together and feel good and believe in each other.


I was named on Holocaust Memorial Day. My birth announcement was printed on the same page as my best friend who was born on my mom’s birthday and whose party I was at when I had my brain hemorrhage last year.


Our announcements were in the Jewish Journal’s Yom Hashoah paper that had a big yellow star on the cover that said JUDE. It makes me think about people and Anne Frank. She said that no matter what she believed people are good at heart and me too. I believe that way deep down in people who you feel have no heart, they are still capable of good and have a strong, good heart. Lots of people are just followers even me too, but it depends who you follow. I think most of the time people just don’t know any different or just don’t know what to do or don’t really know how to think about stuff. I choose to think people are amazing. I think is is amazing how people are doing so much for me. Today some old friends who were in my brothers 5th grade class called and said they had recycling for me. They came over and gave us the voucher and took us to frozen yogurt and one of the girls asked me how I was doing. She didn’t say “How are you?” but she really asked me how I was doing with everything. People are good.


What I can’t wait to share is that today at school a kindergarten girl came up to me and said, “Your story is good. Can I tell you what I want to be when I grow up? I want to be a PRINCESS!!” I thought it was so cute. Everyone has dreams. I want to know why it takes such a hardship like this happening to me to make people think about their own dreams? Why do people have to be hurt and think about what they don’t want to happen just to dream about what they do want? We all have dreams no matter what and we should believe in our dreams and each other. Even with all of this happening to me I still believe that one day out of all the people in the world, Prince Charming is going to come sweep my Mommie off her feet. I’m just a kid but you can follow me and we can all believe and be princesses… with brAvery!!


-Avery (the Miracle Kid)

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