recycle with brAvery!

Hi Everyone! My name is Avery Sax and, if you don’t know me by now, I’m pretty sick.


People have been trying to come up with fundraisers for me for a while and always come up with other things to help me. Well why just fundraise for me and not others? Not just people who need help but places like our school and community. I’m thinking we should all recycle and the money we make will not only help me and our school but our world forever also. One day every month we can have a turn in date and all you really need is one bottle that is recyclable!  With all the kids in school bringing just one bottle a month, we can make money for our school and learn how each of us doing one little thing adds up to a lot.  It will also make our world a better, cleaner place. With my situation I don’t ever know if I will be here tomorrow, but I do know this is a place where others live too. It’s not just about all the future generations, it’s about caring for our schools, the earth and each other now and doing what we can to clean up and make things better because you never know what could happen. On Valentine’s Day, my school is going to go for it… we are going to clean up and show that a little bit will add up. We are collecting cans and bottles on February 14th at my school and it will be amazing to see the value of all those bottles that we throw away or see all over at sports practices and games all week.  I can’t wait to recycle with brAvery!

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