Friends Forever

So WOW, a lot of things have happened to me since I got sick.  People I don’t know hug me, pray for me and much more.  When my Mom posts my blog or writes on Facebook, I get so many people writing nice things to me.  It is really sweet.  My Mom grew up with a lot of family friends and most of them are like family.  I barely know some of them but when this all started a brother and sister who I never met helped us to stay in our house all summer. I remember my mom telling me stories about being the youngest when they played “Capture the Flag” but I never met them or even know their names.   And there are a few other friends that really got me thinking about my own friends.  My Mom’s family friends from when she was born or a little girl drove to Childrens Hospital as soon as possible, had a special shirt made for me, and I got 20 hats from one friend when she heard my hair started coming out.  I don’t really know them but they’re my Mom’s friends for life!  They’re the first people to LIKE on Facebook and the first people to sign up for my race even though it is really far from where they live.  One friend’s entire family gave up all their own Mother’s Day gifts to give to my mom & she also drove her 3 kids to my brother’s birthday party to spend the entire day with people they didn’t know just because our Moms are friends & they wanted to be there for our family!!


This week I got a big box of stuff from The Bachelor in the mail from a friend my Mom made when she was older and already working.  I know this friend from some parties and holidays but we only see her maybe one time each year.  I was really surprised when it came but then I thought about how my Mom is always so happy when she sees her and acts like they always hang out together kind of like family. I think we can make special friends for life even when you aren’t a kid anymore.  I guess we have different kinds of friends and some are for hanging out and playing and some are birthday party friends but who are the ones who will be there for me in 20 years?  I wonder if I will be lucky enough to have friends from childhood who love my kids because of the bond we made as kids.


I think I understand why my mom makes such a big deal of why we need to spend time with family friends or trying to tell me all about friends we get holiday cards from or go to celebrate some holidays together.  Nothing can be more important than spending time bonding and making real friends. Sometimes we only think of certain friends and how it feels good like being with the most popular friend. Sometimes we spend all our time on a friend who makes us feel bad like last week when my friend said my new glasses were ugly and one friend didn’t invite me to a party.  There are all kinds of friends and I’m just thinking of everyone I play with and who are my true friends forever.  I am lucky now because my Mom has people who love her so much that they love me too.  I just want to say THANK YOU and because of how much you care about me and my Mom, I’m going to be a better friend.  I know I’m sick and a lot of people feel bad for me but we all need to care more about each other no matter what and become friends forever with brAvery.  


Love, Avery
(The Miracle Kid)

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