Driving Cars

I was in the car with my Mom discussing if it was hard or not to drive a car and thought to myself why it is so much fun for kids to play video games. I realized the reason parents don’t  really like to play video games or get as excited as kids is because they play one every day, The Game of Life.  They are “on” playing all day when they are driving, working and much more. The difference for kids, and the reason kids like video games so much, is that we have multiple lives and can keep starting over. But for parents in the game of life, you only have one life and there is a lot of pressure in every decision every day with everything. It is hard but the best part is that like getting better at video games, parents can get better at living their life and learn to make better choices. So even though video games are fun, we have to remember that we really only have one life in the real world and all need to learn to live our lives with good choices now and drive with brAvery.   


Love, Avery (The Miracle Kid)

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