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My name is Avery Sax & I am (miraculously) 13 years old. On March 12th 2011, while celebrating my best friend's birthday, I started feeling sick. I had the worst headache of my life & was throwing up everywhere. I flew in a helicopter to Children's Hospital and, after being in the ICU & months of procedures, I moved my treatment to UCLA where I underwent brain radiation for an inoperable, really BIG arteriovenous malformation (AVM).


I am so lucky that I recovered from my brain hemorrhage, but the doctors don't have a clue how things will turn out. I guess it doesn't look too good, but I continue to defy the odds & refuse to live in a bubble. And even though I only had a 50% chance that first year, I am about to celebrate my 3rd anniversary! I don't make a big deal about my "new normal" because I just want to live my life and do whatever I can to show everyone that each of us can make a difference and everything adds up.


Since turning 13 years old, I hear a lot of "lucky 13" and I understand why people say that, but you know what I believe? Make your own luck! Please help me & my family to keep calm, carry on and fight with brAvery. Thank you!



Avery (The Miracle Kid)

KAREN QUINCY LOBERG/THE STAR Avery Sax, a sixth-grader at Chaparral Middle School in Moorpark, and her mother, Kimber Sax, make a trip Tuesday to the rePLANET recycling center in Thousand Oaks. They recycle bottles and cans to benefit the nonprofit Avery started to help siblings of children with chronic illnesses. Sax was diagnosed with an inoperable mass in her brain.

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We did it together! We reached 100,000 bottles & cans. Now let's do it again, one bottle at a time.

I'm always on the go! But for the last 6 month, I have been settling into a new community and focused on maintaining the recycling programs that were sparked with brAvery. So what's next? Join me for reCYCLE with brAvery on March 12th to celebrate my 3 yr anniversary and spin our way to another 100k by Earth Day 2014. My "reCYCLE with brAvery" collection will be parked in front of THE RUSH STUDIO from 5:30pm-8:30pm for the AWESOME community to drop off recycling collections. People are GOOD! And we will celebrate our strength TOGETHER & support for defying the odds with big goals as we start that 100k collecton climb on spin cycles listening to my favorite music. Sign up for a special ride from 7:30-8:15 and bring your recyclables - CRV bottles and cans! There are only 40 bicycles available so reserve your space by emailing your name & phone # to braverynow@live.com! Remember, Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride! We have the power to help each other & have fun doing it. View Calendar >>

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Defying the odds, achieving the dream, promoting the power of hope & triumph, and determined to change the future as well as the future of GIVING.


Next events:


Build with brAvery- Now! An ongoing commitment from the best in their fields to designate funds from projects to donate to brAvery and others developing a new system of giving. These community leaders range from award-winning, published and patent holding individuals who are pledging competitive bids and the highest quality detail from Custom interior & exterior lighting to cost effective/energy efficient lighting to Landscape installation, maintenance, design and more. Get involved in the cycle of giving with brAvery.


"Spin with brAvery" Ride to 100k - 3/12/14 The Rush Studio, Carmel Valley 7:30

Community Collection - 3/12/14 The Rush Studio, Carmel Valley 5:30-8:30

Spa for the Soul, Sour Mango Speech - 3/2/14 Rancho de las Palmas, Moorpark 10am-2:30pm

Ability Awareness Day - April 2, 2014, Aliso Viejo



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